Exercising in the Heat. Is it Safe?

Wow our first day of summer is met with an upcoming heat wave.  We have been waiting for the beautiful summer days when we can spend an afternoon playing tennis, taking a hike or an adventurous bike ride.  Good times, right?  But we all likely know someone who has not prepared themselves for exercising when it is a hot, humid day and got into a bit of trouble.

When exercising in hot humid weather you need to be prepared.  Here is why.  Usually our bodies are warmer than the temperature outside.  When that begins to change our muscles regulate heat by releasing sweat which allows our body to cool itself.  The down side to this reaction to heat is we begin losing fluid.  If we do not replenish the fluid our body is loosing we risk heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Here is tip #1 to safe exercising in the summer:   Drink plenty of water!  For a moderate workout try to drink 20oz of water 2 hours prior to exercise.  Follow that by 8 oz before going out into the heat.  During your bout of exercise take 3-5 swallows of water every 20 minutes.

To make sure you are meeting your bodies needs weigh yourself after your workout.  If you are 1-2lbs lighter you are not drinking enough water while exercising.  According to Suzanne Girard Eberle, Sports Dietitian you lose 2 1/2 cups of water for each pound lost during exercise!!  This puts a huge strain on your body.

Stay tuned for more tips for safe exercising in the summer.



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