Leaf Blower, Snow Blower – Do I Need Them?

It is so important to do a variety of activities when thinking about exercise.  If you do the same old treadmill workout 5 days a week your muscles accommodate to the activity and your benefit diminishes greatly.  If fact any kind of work out session needs to be changed every 4-6 weeks to avoid this phenomena.

So think about leaving the leaf blower in the garage and rake your fall leaves.  Or use a broom to clear your driveway or walkway.  For most people this will be a cardiac workout.  I recommend to bend from the knees to pick up the leaves to use your large muscle groups of your legs and to protect your low back.  Also alternate hand placement on the rake to avoid an overuse injury especially if it has been months or years since you have picked up a rake.

The same can be same for shoveling snow.  Now this is a work out!  I have always said “when I have to shovel I do not have to go to the gym that day.”  Shoveling is great exercise.  And you know most of the time you are out with your neighbors so it is kind of nice.

So think about leaving these power tools in the garage and getting a bit of healthy exercise.

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