Standing Hamstring Stretch

Oh the Hamstrings!  When they get tight many things begin to happen.  Many people with low back pain will experience some relief once hamstring tightness is addressed.  As we age our stride length when walking will actually shorten if we do not maintain good hamstring length.  And then there is injury prevention.  Do not even get me started……

There are many ways to stretch your hamstrings.  Personally I opt for a standing position at the bottom of a flight of stairs.  This fits into my work out regime well.  After a long walk I can stretch my hamstrings before I enter my home.  When I have finished my spin class I can put my leg onto the bike, hold the handle bar for balance and stretch.

Here are some points to remember.  Place your foot onto the step.  Find a step height that is comfortable for your level of flexibility and your stature.  Make sure your hips are squared, meaning one hip is not forward in relation to the other.  Some persons may feel the stretch in this position.  If not bend forward from the hips until you feel a gentle stretch. Relax and deep breath.  Hold this position for 10-30sec.

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