Top 5 Reasons a Person with a Complex Medical History will Benefit from a Personal Trainer who is also a Physical Therapist

I have learned so much from the clients I work with.  Here is some of what they have said.

1.  “I am 40 years old and have a significant medical history.  I wanted someone who understands disease, medicine and how to exercise with me safely.” Laura A.

This is a perfect reason why working with a personal trainer who is also a physical therapist is important.  My education as well as, experience gained when working at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Spaulding Rehab hospital have provided me with the knowledge required to work with clients who have a medical history.  I worked in collaboration with Laura’s PCP so that we were able exercise safely and address Laura’s fitness goals.

2.  “I had a heart attack when I was 55 years old.  I have never exercised.  My surgeon has cleared me to begin an exercise program.  I did not know how to begin.  Lynn taught me how to safely exercise.”  John H.

Education is a big part of working with a client who has never exercised and who is recovering from a heart attack.  I monitored John’s heart rate and blood pressure and I taught him how take his pulse.  He also learned how to monitor his rate of perceived exertion during exercise.  We worked within the guidelines provided by his surgeon.  His cardiac fitness has improved and he has gained confidence to exercise independently.

3.  “I began working with Lynn because I wanted to stay as active as possible but I have pulmonary fibrosis, heart failure and require use of oxygen at all times.  I knew exercise would help me but I did not know what to do.”  Margie L.

Working with Margie required consistent monitoring of her heart rate and oxygen levels at rest and during exercise.  I worked closely with Margie’s doctors providing this cardiopulmonary information.  This assisted her doctors in adjusting medications when necessary.  Progressing Margie’s exercise program was very gradual due to her medical history.  As a hospital trained physical therapist I have the knowledge base to work confidently with a client who has a complex medical history and who is taking multiple medications.

4.  “I am a retired physical therapist and have secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis.  I work with Lynn to increase my overall strength and improve my flexibility.”  Debbie H.

MS is a progressive neurological disease that requires knowledge of the disease in order to keep the person safe when exercising.  Exercise may be more difficulty with multiple sclerosis but there are ways to accommodate all ability levels.   I continue to work with Debbie to exercise and perform stretches which meet her needs.  Her program varies based on her current symptoms and health status.

5.  “I had a stroke a year ago.  When I was discharged from physical therapy I was doing pretty good but then I stopped doing my exercises.  Lynn has helped me get back on track.  She keeps me motivated and doing my exercises.”  Bill H.

It is easy to lose the motivation to exercise 3-4 times a week and maintain the gains made in PT.  Bill needs a bit of incentive to stay on track.  We work together 3 times a week.  I work in concert with his Primary Care Physician as his blood pressure requires monitoring at rest and during activity


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