Everything You Want to Know About Your Medication

Another one of my favorite websites is Drugs.com.  Simple URL to remember and what a bevy of information it can provide.  I like this site because it is in compliance with the HONcode which is a code of conduct to provide accurate and reliable information on medications.

The editorial team at Drugs.com is comprised of registered pharmacists.  The site is designed to provide general health information and education.  The site does not aim to replace discussion with your MD.  But how nice is it to learn about your medications to enable you to have a more informed conversation with your doc.

I like many aspects of this site.  You can obtain tons of information on a medication from what the pill or capsule looks like, side effects, adverse reactions, how the med will interact with other meds.  Great information.  There is also links to current articles about a variety of medications.   Take a look.  www.Drugs.com

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