Quadricep stretch

A gentle, prolonged quadricep stretch will be needed after doing most any aerobic exercise.  So whether you are a runner, cycler, walker or enjoy a zumba class make time to stretch your quadriceps.  Here’s how:

Pictured below is a passive standing quadricep stretch.  My favorite fitness instructor, Jan reminded me recently how effective passive stretching is because passive stretching allows the person to relax into the stretch more easily.  Notice how the foot is hooked onto the chair.  This allows the leg that is being stretched to be supported making it easier to perform a prolonged stretch.  You can easily replicate this stretch in your home or gym.  Find a chair or arm of a sofa that allows you to rest your foot on it while still being able to bring your knee even with the standing knee.

You should feel the stretch along the front of the upper leg.  As you become more flexible you can contract your buttocks muscles and move your hip forward for a deeper stretch.  Remember stretching should not be painful.  Gentle and prolonged is best.  Relax and take deep breaths as you stretch.  Hold your stretch for 10-30 seconds.  And please do not turn your stretch into a balance activity.  If you try to balance when doing this stretch your muscles will not relax.

standing quad stretch

Standing Quadricep Stretch

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