Warm Up & Cool Down, Are They Both Important?

Why do I want to warm up?  Do I have to spend time cooling down after exercising?  What about stretching?  Can I pick and choose which ones to do?  My next few blog topics will address these very issues.

When & Why do I warm up?

It is very beneficial to warm up for 5-10 mins prior to your work out.  You can do this with any low level aerobic movement.  If you are preparing for a run begin with a slow jog.  Any kind of strength training session should begin with gentle movements of the muscles to be worked.    These types of easy movements increase blood circulation to the working muscles, & begins to increase your heart rate to prepare for the bout of exercise.  Your joints get bathed with synovial fluid which is important for joint health.  Last but not least your warm up also assists with injury prevention.  Well worth the time spent!

Can I Warm up & not Cool Down or Vise Versa?

Find the time to do both!  We now know the importance of the warm up.  The cool down that is done for 5 mins will assist in preventing muscle strains.  The cool down will also allow the heart rate to decrease slowly and prevent blood pressure fluctuations.  This is beneficial for persons with heart disease, or hypertension.

Stay tuned for my next blog where we will discuss stretching.  I will also share with you my favorite stretches along with the proper way to perform them.



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